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Peer-Reviewed Articles

Donato, Katharine, Elizabeth Jacobs, Lisa Singh, Ali Arab and Nathan Wycoff. Forthcoming. “Using Organic Data in Migration Research.” International Migration Review.

Wycoff, Nathan, Ali Arab, Katharine Donato, Lisa Singh, Elizabeth Jacobs, Kornarphop Kawintiranon, and Yaguang Liu. Forthcoming. “Forecasting Ukrainian Refugee Flows With Organic Data Sources.” International Migration Review.

Agrawal, Ameeta, Lisa Singh, Elizabeth Jacobs, Yaguang Liu, Gwyneth Dunlevy and Varun Uppala. 2023. “All Translation Tools Are Not Equal: Investigating the Quality of Language Translation for Forced Migration.” Proceedings of 10th IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics.

Jacobs, Elizabeth. 2022. “Work Visas and Return Migration: How Migration Policy Shapes Global Talent.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. 48(7): 1647-1668.


Jacobs, Elizabeth. 2022. “The Homogenizing and Diversifying Effects of Migration Policy in the Internationalization of Higher Education.” Higher Education. 83: 339-355.

Jacobs, Elizabeth and Nicole Kreisberg. 2022. “The Gendered Occupational Value of a U.S. Education for Indian Immigrants." International Migration.

Donato, Katharine, Lisa Singh, Ali Arab, Elizabeth Jacobs and Douglas Post. 2022. “Migration, Misinformation and the Venezuelan Refugee Crisis.” Harvard Data Science Review. 4(1).

Donato, Katharine, Lisa Singh, Ali Arab, Elizabeth Jacobs and Douglas Post. 2021. “Migration Misinformation in Spanish-Language Tweets During a Pandemic.” International Organization for Migration Research Series. 68.

Jacobs, Elizabeth. 2019. “Pathways to Permanence: Legal Status Transitions as a Key Mechanism in Skilled Migrant Selection and Settlement,” in “Immigration in the Global Era: Migrants and the People and Laws at Origin and Destination,” ed. Guillermina Jasso and Moshe Semyonov. Frontiers in Sociology. 4(44).

Revise and Resubmit

Jacobs, Elizabeth. “Greener Pastures: How Indian Migrants Enter and Stay in the U.S. Labor Market.” R&R at Social Forces.

Book Reviews

Jacobs, Elizabeth. 2022. “Review of ‘The Opportunity Trap: High-Skilled Workers, Indian Families, and the Failures of the Dependent Visa Program’.” Social Forces. DOI: soac127.

Under Review

Jacobs, Elizabeth. “Fainter Praise: The Immigrant Glass Ceiling and Gender and Racial Inequality in Professional Recommendations.”


Jacobs, Elizabeth. “Legal Status Legacies: The Labor Market Incorporation of Return Migrants.”


Donato, Katharine and Elizabeth Jacobs. “Digital Data for Migration Studies.”


Wycoff, Nathan, Ali Arab, Katharine Donato, Lisa Singh, Elizabeth Jacobs, Kornarphop Kawintiranon, Yaguang Liu. “Forecasting Ukrainian Refugee Flows with Organic Data Sources.”

Agrawal, Ameeta, Lisa Singh, Elizabeth Jacobs, Gwyneth Dunlevy, Varun Uppala, Yaguang Liu. "Measuring the Quality of Translation Tools for Forced Migration Factors Across High- and Low-Resource Languages."


Maitland, Carleen, Nasim Motalebi, Elizabeth Jacobs and Lisa Singh. “Humanitarian-Development Coherence: Organizational Strategies for Long-Term Impact in Refugee Response.”

In Progress (Manuscripts available upon request)

Jacobs, Elizabeth and Katharine Donato. “The Gendered Career Trajectories of Skilled Migrants.”


Jacobs, Elizabeth. “Migration Policy, Paid Work and the Household Division of Labor.”

Jacobs, Elizabeth. “Algorithmic Bias, Fairness and Equity in Racial Outcomes.”

Jacobs, Elizabeth. “Digital Borderlands: Nationalism and Internet Regulations.”

Jacobs, Elizabeth. “Bodies and Brains: Embodied and Technical Skill in Migration Regimes.”

Jacobs, Elizabeth. “Going for Gold: Race, Citizenship and Migration at the Olympics.”

Jacobs, Elizabeth. “Claiming a voice in the global city: How race, place and gender shaped immigrant coalition building in New York City’s language access movement.”

Jacobs, Elizabeth. “Cold War: Ice Cream as a Tool of Socialist State Building.”


Imoagene, Onoso and Elizabeth Jacobs. “The Dark Side of a Golden Ticket: U.S. Migration Policies and the Experiences of Visa Lottery Winners from Nigeria, Ghana and India.”

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